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One Right Shot

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Number of failures doesn’t matter, it only takes one right shot to become successful. This poster is designed with this idea and gives out the practical approach to your failures.



Are you disheartened from multiple failures? Do you feel like giving up? Then you should definitely check  this poster out and start your day with these words. It will take a lot of misfires to get a right shot. It is okay to fail, but what is important is that one should learn from their failures and overcome them.

Having this poster as your personal motivator, designed for a range of people from yearning employees to great achievers. This product will help you and your organisation to keep up with the hard work despite the failures as you’ll only need one right moment to sparkle the magic.

Decorate your work spaces, be it an office or at home, it’ll amp up your game and will keep pushing towards the right shot.

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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