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Encouraging Innovations

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The poster is crafted with this optimistic quote by George Bernard Shaw inspiring the elements of questioning oneself and existence of certain things in the world. It is a thought provoking quote which can lead an entrepreneur to have a different perspective for things happening in the world.



The poster quote marks the combination of hope, confidence, and imagination. All  these things are very important to stand a business in today’s world. Having confidence in yourself, being hopeful and keeping high expectations and having a strong imagination where the world is a better place is what this poster stands for.

This poster will create this thought of “why” and “why not” which will eventually lead an entrepreneur to  question his/her actions before they come up with any decision. It will help the CEOs as well as the employees to have a better understanding of the business world and work accordingly.

The poster can be used as a decorative item for your office or personal workspace. The aesthetic quotation in this poster can be given away as pamphlets or wall posters to the individuals who believe in bringing change in the society. It can be used as wallpapers, for framing and printing purposes.

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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