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Be Daring

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This product is crafted with the quote by Steven Jeffes. This poster is a great source of learning about Innovation straight from the mind of those who have done it successfully and are established personalities.



Want to take a toll onto the business world?  Then break the chain of ordinary and try something new and innovative. This quote with thich this poster is created is the definition of escaping the ordinary and setting up a mark of success by daring to be innovative.

In the business world, marketing and advertising are two key components with which a company strives towards success. If you’re ordinary, you don’t stand out at all. So, if you want to get noticed and if you want to make your company a big name in the business market, then you should definitely try new ways and be innovative with this poster as a helping hand. Breaking the chain of being ordinary and daring to try new things is the ultra motif of this poster.

This poster can be used by the CEOs of the company, employees, students, and anyone who is an aspiring entrepreneur and needs a little push to try new things and be innovative about it. This poster can be used for framing purposes and can also be used as a wall poster at your office work space or personal space.

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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