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Follow Your Heart

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Work towards your passion project and you’ll see how much you enjoy your profession. This poster is the perfect example of doing something of your interest and hence doing justice to your job as well as inner self.



Are you not satisfied with your current job? Do you feel a loss of interest in your present profession? This poster is for all those hard working entrepreneurs who are feeling this way. Start your day with this rejuvenating quote to remind yourself that the only way to do justice to your inner self and to your profession is to choose the job where your heart is.

As a leader, if you feel that your staff is not motivated enough to work efficiently, then this poster will come handy in making them realize that they should do what interests them and in a way will benefit the organization to use their employees to their optimum powers.

This poster can be used as a wallpaper for those who are electronic lovers. It can also be placed on your office desk or at your study room, reminding you of why you’re still doing your job.

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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