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Being Curious

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This poster is crafted with the quote by the famous American Personality, Linus Pauling. It gives out the value of happiness in satisfying one’s curiosity and providing ease to the mind.



Do you want to be a true leader? Do you care about your employees happiness and health? Then this poster is just for you. With this poster be the leader who believes in satisfying their employees curiosity and providing an ease to their chattering mind.

Curiosity is a great motivator but sometimes when a mind gets too caught up it can create frustration and this will eventually affect the company’s growth. Be the leader who cares about their employees’ mental peace and provide them with that.

This poster is for all the people who are in and out of an organisation, as a reminder that being curious is okay but true happiness is achieved when one’s curiosity is satisfied and provided with peace. This poster can be used for framing and printing purposes and can also be used as a wall poster at your office or working space to keep your sanity alive. 

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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