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A True Businessman

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In the Business world, everything does not revolve around dealings with money. Service is something that is more than selling or buying goods. This poster tells us more about the quality and good behavior that helps in the overall performance of the business.



Are you an aspiring entrepreneur who wishes to rule the business world one day? If you are the one then you should provide quality services that are beyond the measurements of money and currencies. This poster is perfect for those business owners who believe in ethical values more than monetary values.

Get Inspired by Douglas Adams’ quote with which this poster is designed and be the entrepreneur who believes that quality matters more than quantity and that business is not always about money or making profits but also about capturing hearts and trust of customers.

This poster is crafted for a variety of people, being a CEO of the company or just an employee, you can decorate your working spaces and personal spaces with this poster to remind yourself of this great saying. This poster can also be used as a wall poster or as wallpapers for your electronic devices, as they hold a great value about being sincere and trustworthy. 

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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