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A Passion For Learning

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The poster is crafted with a beautiful quote saying the passion for learning. Learning is a never ending process and it has no bar, the more you learn the more you grow. This is the basis of creating this poster for encouraging entrepreneurs.



In the business world or in general life, learning never stops. Everyone is learning something new everyday even if they are sitting idle. This poster encourages that passion for learning, knowing new things and taking businesses to new heights.

With the help of this poster entrepreneurs and business owners can promote the importance of learning. It can be used as an inspiration for gaining knowledge as developing a passion for learning is a sign of healthy growth, individually as well as for the organisation.  

This poster is a perfect fit for your office reception walls as it creates a positive learning and growing work environment. It can also be used for a decorative piece for your personal space. If you’re someone who’s constantly on their mobile phones or laptops, then this can be used as a wallpaper to remind you about your passion and hunger for learning more. This poster can also be used for framing and gifting purposes. 

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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