What are the New Disruptions in Consumer Tech?

Understanding and analysing consumer mind-set and meeting their changing demand is very significant to innovate and get the product or service in every household.

Consumer: Key Driver of Consumer Tech Disruptions

Consumer Experience has always been the focus of any industry. In the consumer industry, you ought to delight and enhance their involvement to sustain in the market and be the talk of the town. But, how is that possible? What are we providing new to the Consumer? How are we helping them to simplify their lives or elevate their lifestyle?

Understanding and analysing consumer mind-set and meeting their changing demand is very significant for innovation and to get the product or service in every household.

Consumer Technology: Existing domains of Disruptions

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Augmented and Virtual Reality


Cloud Technology

5G Technology

Internet of things (IoT)

Electronic Commerce (E-commerce)

Robotics and Machine Learning


Consumers changing demand leads to new disruptions in the market.

Consumer Technology: Examples of New Disruptions

Here are some latest disruptions in Consumer Technology which were a part of Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2021 in Las Vegas earlier this year:

Single Arm Robot by Samsung that cleanses and arranges dishes. Its single articulating arm can detect the object it is picking up and knows how to handle it accordingly. For instance, it can differentiate between a wine glass and a flower in the vase. It can pour the wine and does not smash it and can set a table as well

Sensor based OLED, transparent screen by LG for smart beds that has a 55-inch screen at the foot side of the bed. Similarly, another transparent screen for restaurants that can be used as partition where a customer/consumer can place the order and then wait for the food order while watching videos

For the first time, LG’s OLED tech was introduced to it’s Personal computer line

Introduction of Roll-able smartphone

Launch of transparent N95 masks by Razer (mostly known for its gaming laptops and accessories) under a project named ‘Hazel’ which has audio processing pods to make sure voice isn’t muffled with a sterilizing case

Flying Car turning into a reality. GM introduced a battery-powered one-person aircraft which may not be available for purchase anytime soon but showed the evolution of personal transport

Run-flat Technology by Bridgestone. Unlike conventional tires, when a run-flat tire is punctured, it loses air but the run-flat tire continues to support the vehicle’s weight using the reinforced sidewalls that are designed on a molecular level to resist heat build up and maintain the tire shape under pressure. And one can still drive-on for 50 miles at a speed of 50 miles per hour

Targus UV-C LED Disinfection Light integrates UV-C LED and automation technology to provide no-touch disinfection for computer keyboards and more. The product’s motion sensors allow the system to wait until a user is away from the keyboard before it starts to sterilize

UB Tech ADIBOT, a robotic disinfection system provides an effective solution to businesses and schools in corona times. It disinfects the targeted surfaces and air by deactivating the DNA and RNA of harmful pathogens

What’s in it for me?

 The new product will bring disruption if it has a user-friendly platform. The offering shall add some value like either a budgeted price, quick, easy access to consumers or provide a variety than your competitors. It shall save consumer’s time, money or effort in any activity or task.

Start-up entrepreneurs must explore and innovative new techniques (one at a time) to be a part of the changing world. Keep a close watch on what the competitors are doing and hire a talent that strives for customer/consumer empowerment and ensure their focus is on the customer value chain.

The out-of-the-box thinking has to be consistent as we don’t know what the next generation will demand and what exactly we come up with. So in a way, consumers changing demand leads to new disruptions in the market.

Roopali Kotwal
Roopali Kotwal
Roopali is a former author with Dutch Uncles, a subject matter expert with over a decade of experience. She writes on Human Resource Management and Business Operations.



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