Watch Out! These are the Job Market Trends in Consumer Tech

Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is the future of any Technology Industry. It is trending in Consumer Technology too.

Can you imagine a world without technology? Or let me ask this another way – do you want to live in a world without the use of technology? Certainly Not! Because technology simplifies our life.

Use of Technology in day-to-day-activities

Technology, we consume a lot of it every day. Starting from the use of digital, online services and technology-based consumer electronics like Mobile devices, 4K TVs, Laptops, Tablets, wearables, smart homes, 3D printers and other daily household appliances like Washing Machines, Air Conditioners, Dish Washers etc.; we use them all.

Technology use is inevitable. Everything built on technology saves our time, makes us efficient, keeps us engaged and provides big solutions to our day-to-day redundant and complex tasks.

But, there has to be a workforce who would be delivering this and simplifying our lives.


Technology use is inevitable. Robotics and Artificial Intelligence is the future of any Technology Industry. It is trending in consumer technology too.

Job Market Trends in Consumer Technology

So let’s understand the skills set of the task force who are behind building and developing these technologies and how the Job Market works for them.

Companies need people with core technical skills in the technology-based sector and their demand in the industry is quite high in the various sectors such as Information Technology Sectors and Services, Computer Software, Internet, Financial Services, E-learning, Marketing and Advertising, Computer and Network Security, Education Management, Research Hospital and Healthcare sectors: 

Blockchain Developers (with Hyperledger, Solidity, Node.js, Smart Contract skills)

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Specialist with a skillset like Machine Learning, TensorFlow, Python (Programming Language), Natural language Processing (NLP)

Software engineers with a deep understanding of Advertising Technology (AdTech)

Developers with a good understanding of Cloud Computing Technology Azure and Amazon Web services (AWS) as Cloud migration and development will continue in post-covid-19 era

JavaScript Developer (skills – AngularJC, Node.js, React.js, React Native, MongoDB)

Robotic Process Automation Consultant (skill-set: UiPath, Automation Anywhere, Blue Prism, Process Automation and SQL)

Back-end Developer (skills – Node.js, MongoDB, JavaScript, Django, MySQL)

Front-end Engineer with skills like Cascading Style Sheets (CSS), Bootstrap, JavaScript, HTML5 and AngularJS

Growth Manager (skills – Business Development, Team Management, Growth Strategies, Market Research and Digital Marketing)

Site Reliability Engineer (skillset – AWS, Docker Products, Kubernetes, Jenkins and Ansible)

Customer Success Specialist with Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Team Management, Customer Retention, Software as a Service (SaaS), Account Management skills

Cyber Security and Data Management Experts will be much in demand. The desired skill set for cybersecurity expert or specialist would be Vulnerability Assessment, Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), Penetration Testing, Information Security and Network Security

Digital Marketing Specialist (skills: MySQL, HTML, Search Engine Optimization, Google Ads, Social Media Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Google Analytics)

Lead Generation Specialist with Market Research, Email Marketing, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Business Development, Digital Marketing skills.

What’s in for me?

Consumer Technology is a requirement to run the day-to-day operations to provide solutions and the best experience to our client while maintaining efficient ways to manufacture the products. The survival in scenarios like Pandemic or any other time of crisis if faced again should not be a question.

Artificial Intelligence is most likely to change both the marketing strategies, sales processes, customer service choices and customer behaviour. The above Job trends and demand clearly show that technology is inevitable and if you are a start-up that uses Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI) or data analytics technology, then you can be sure of the continuity of the business as it is trending.

Roopali Kotwal
Roopali Kotwal
Roopali is a former author with Dutch Uncles, a subject matter expert with over a decade of experience. She writes on Human Resource Management and Business Operations.



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