VC Fund India Quotient To Invest $80 Million In New Age Start-Ups Of India

Early Stage Venture Capital (VC), India Quotient, has announced its fourth fund for the Indian start-up ecosystem.

India Quotient, a leading start-up venture capital fund, has announced the launch of the fourth fund for Indian start-ups in 2021. Its new funding round will focus on supporting paper start-ups aiming to ace the sectors of software as a service (SaaS), social media, edtech, direct to consumer (D2C) and fintech arenas.

Who can be the target investment points for India Quotient?

Especially high-level start-ups with plans to take over large established companies, and the desire to create companies that will go public will be the goal of the venture capital firm’s investment funds. With approximately $80 million in global and domestic funding, the venture capital fund is seeking to support between 35 and 40 groundbreaking ideas that will create entirely new industries.

Proven Record in funding the right businesses

India Quotient is known for its ability to discover unique innovations in the start-up phase and lead them to the summit of successful steps. Now is the best opportunity for India to take a more in-depth look at not one but the next several global games changing Indian entrepreneurial ideas and clinging to the trend of digital innovation.

With the right ecosystem partners supporting their story, there is no need for an Indian start-up to lack the funds when they come up with great ideas and build a strong future business. Long-term foundations can only be made with a design that combines successful business plans with simplicity.


Now is the right time for India to take a more in-depth look at not one but the next several global games changing Indian entrepreneurial ideas.

Experience of India Quotient Guiding and Funding New Start-ups

India Quotient is not the first investor to invest in start-ups with meagre performance records. Still, it is among the first to strengthen founders and advisors’ network for giving them reliable access to equity funds. Its global investor base is also growing significantly. These new business houses offer a world of credibility, access to markets and their intelligence.

The group has reportedly funded around 70 start-ups in the last eight years. Of the portfolio companies backed by the hedge fund, about 80% have raised funds to follow investors globally. Moreover, about a third of their backed companies have become heavy players in specific business areas.

India Quotient’s Already Invested-in Businesses

India Quotient was among the most active venture capital funds in India in 2020 and participated in more than 20 promotions. The VC has invested in start-ups such as beauty brand and D2C firm SUGAR Cosmetics, audio content platform Kuku FM, digital lenders LoanTap and Lendingkart and Fleetx, Sharechat, WebEngage and Faballey.

The new announcement certainly is good news for new start-ups looking to get the kink for lifting off their business idea.

Aakash Sharma
Aakash Sharma
Aakash writes on Startup Ecosystem, Policies, Legal and Regulatory aspects of business planning. An alumnus of Delhi University, he is assistant editor at Dutch Uncles.



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