Upcoming Conferences and Expos in the Restaurant and Food Services Sector

Learning never stops and Learning should never stop. Exposure and learning in expos, conferences and Tradeshows is huge. Let’s find out how!

The wait is over! Some of the biggest Expos, Business Conferences, Summits, Conclaves and Tradeshows in Food and Beverage are on its way. They may prove beneficial to you and your start-ups in India and help the ones who want to exhibit or participate in the show. For instance, use of Presentation Board, create Company name template, use of Video or Slide show to draw attention, Social Media use to promote the Booth, some trade show giveaways and having an assistant and welcoming the visitors are the best practises one can follow.

2021: Tradeshows/Fairs, Exhibitions/Expos and Conferences:

International Conference on Nutrition & Health | 21stMarch | Mysuru

National Conference on Advances in Science, Agriculture, Environmental & Biotechnology | 31stMarch | Bengaluru

AAHAR – International Food & Hospitality Fair | 6th– 10th April | New Delhi

Foodtech Kerala | 20th– 22nd May | Kochi

North East Foodtech | 21st– 23rd May | Guwahati

GLOBOIL India, Conference & Exhibition | 27th– 29th May | Mumbai

Sugar Summit | 28th– 29th May | Goa

Organic Food International Conclave | 29thMay | Goa

Food & Hotel India | 2nd – 4thJune | Mumbai

MSME Innovation & Start-up Summit & Time2Leap Awards | 12thJune | Bengaluru

Bakers Technology Fair | 2nd– 4th July | Coimbatore

Food Pack India Expo | 23rd– 25th July | Chennai

World Mithai & Namkeen Convention & Expo | 29th-31st July | Jaipur

India Foodex-Bangalore | 5th– 7th August | Bengaluru

Food Trade Asia | 11th– 13th August | New Delhi

Bakers Technology Fair | 2nd– 4th September | Hyderabad

Annapoorna ANUFOOD India | 6th­- 8th September | Mumbai

International Conference on Pharma and Food | 15th– 16th September | New Delhi

Drink Technology India | 20th– 22nd October | Mumbai

BIOFACH India | 28th– 30th October | Greater Noida

Halal Show India | 17th– 19th December | Mumbai

2021: Virtual Conference and Virtual Trade Show:

Cannabis Beverages presented by Torking Manes LLP | 24thMarch @10:30 PM Asia/Calcutta Time

The Big Krill Show | 20th– 21st April @ 12: 30 PM Asia/Calcutta Time  


Tradeshows, Exhibitions, Business Conferences and Expos provide an opportunity for small business owners and start-ups to meet the industry leaders and influencers to get inspired, add value and positive change in their life.

Benefits of attending the business conferences

Educational Prospects– Apart from teleconference lines, web conferring, live events can be helpful to watch and learn from visual cues and body language of the speakers

In-Person Networking – Face to face conversation are always better in maintaining the connections and networking

Awareness about Competitors – There is nothing better than facing your fears so why not gather information about the competitors who may seem unreal otherwise

Promotion to Potential Clients – The place provides a great avenue for promoting and advertising the business

Creativity and Innovation – Attending business conferences and expos can break the monotony and can be a good change from the day-today operations. Thus, enhancing the creativity and leading to Innovation

What’s in it for me?

The Business to Business or Business to Consumers networking events, tradeshows & conferences shall support the small business owners, start-ups and decisions makers to grow the business by conveying the value of your company. It will be a value add and shall give you an opportunity to meet the industry leaders/influencers to get inspire and for a positive change.   

There are few things which one can do before attending any such event. For instance, the official website for the entry fee, booking the space on time as a participant or as an exhibitor. Also, you may want to research the trade show that you will be attending, plan your budget and book your space much ahead of time, advertise much in advance. Know your audience and plan your trade show displays accordingly.

Roopali Kotwal
Roopali Kotwal
Roopali is a former author with Dutch Uncles, a subject matter expert with over a decade of experience. She writes on Human Resource Management and Business Operations.



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