Trends That Have Reshaped the Job Market in Travel and Hospitality

This is a look into the emerging entrepreneurial and job trends in the travel and hospitality industry as the overall economic activity seems to resume slowly.

Being one of the biggest employing and entrepreneurial industries globally, the travel and hospitality industry is undergoing a profound transformation, thanks to pandemic-induced challenges and subsequent financial hardships. The acceptance of the ‘new normal’ has made it imperative for the industry’s most prominent players as well as new start-ups and SMEs to manage operations from a unique standpoint, allowing hospitality companies to emphasise their core business, thus improving effectiveness.

While the change in any industry is inevitable, some segments always stand to benefit from it. And with the latest changes, job seekers stand to profit big time as the challenges have allowed the industry to start in the new digital-led direction. Additional complexities and potential problems have given rise to numerous types of jobs.

Here we list new trends that have reshaped the job market in travel and hospitality.

New Age Cabin Crew

Cabin crew positions are traditional positions that have remained relatively similar throughout the history of aviation. However, getting a cabin crew position is now more competitive than ever. Airlines require the crew to be attractive and to provide excellent customer service. But now, to cut costs, many airlines also need cabin crew to perform the chores of cleaners, cooks, and security personnel – hence new age cabin crew.

Programmes and training for this job can help people develop new skills and prepare for the arduous processes involved in the role. The potential income for new-age cabin crew positions is estimated at Rs 40,000 per month.

Online Travel Agent

Over the years, customers have shifted away from the traditional type of travel agents and such companies. Instead of availing the services of travel agencies, consumers have chosen to either create their live DIY-style packages or turn to online players like MakeMyTrip, Yatra, Goibibo and more.

So, to become an online travel agent, one has to follow a relatively straightforward process to meet the criteria. All it takes is a familiarisation process with GDS and inventory management systems, and with experience, one is good to be an online agent. Initially, the potential income of an online travel agent ranges from Rs. 10,600 to Rs. 30,300 per month.


Businesses will need high entrepreneurial opportunities to make the most of their existing customers. As customers travel in limited numbers due to COVID, hospitality businesses should make the most of it.

Travel Insurance Sales Representative

Following the COVID-19 crisis, people have become more aware of the importance of insurance, including travel insurance, than ever. While many travel and tourism jobs do not give much money, the financial arm of the industry is one area where new job seekers can make substantial money. With little training, one can earn a healthy salary in this up-and-coming role in the travel industry. Sales training courses prepare you for this career. The average wage of an insurance sales agent in India is approximately Rs. 25,000 per month.

Plan of action for entrepreneurs in the travel and hospitality space

Entrepreneurs of all scales, including SMEs and start-ups, need to adopt a multi-tasking strategy to succeed in the industry now. In future, due to decreased demand leading to low value and profitability, much emphasis will be on labour cost control. In this scenario, hospitality professionals who have multiple skills and can carry out different jobs will prioritise filling up new job opportunities in the hospitality industry. Businesses’ problem-solving and design thinking skills for creating unique experiences are set to become necessary to understand travellers’ new demands and solve their problems in a post-pandemic world.

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