The Organic World Opts For Omnichannel Expansion Strategy

Learn how you can expand your small business using the omnichannel expansion strategy following the steps of this organic products e-commerce chain of stores, The Organic World.

One of the most prominent natural and organic products supermarket chains in South India, The Organic World has announced plans to strengthen its business in India to enter diversified segments. As part of its omnichannel (multiple-channel) strategy, the retail e-commerce brand plans to open an additional ten stores in the Southern Indian states by mid-2022 and expand its impact on e-commerce through technology like an easy-to-use mobile application.

Current products of The Organic World include pesticide-free organic fruits and vegetables, fat-free snacks, chemical-free groceries, toxin-free household products, natural and preservative-free personal care products, and health and wellness products, including childcare accessories.


The planned expansion of The Organic World reaffirms its commitment to providing customers with better choice, from product types and customer service to discounts and loyalty programs.

What is omnichannel expansion?

Omnichannel expansion in multi-line retail is becoming an increasingly popular way for companies to expand their operations. Emerging retailers everywhere are combining interconnected omnichannel paths with traditional public advertising methods. Websites, emails, social media posts and brick and mortar stores promote similar information, tips and products of a particular brand, giving more visibility to the intended message.

The Organic World’s expansion plan aims to simplify its reach to provide customers with better options, offer products that offer increasingly healthier choices, and help them grow according to their ultra-busy lifestyles.

It is essential to keep up with technological developments

Through The Organic World mobile application, the company aims to supply more than 1,500 non-pharmaceutical products to its customers. With the planned increase in the number of its physical stores, the company will be able to acquire all the necessary facilities and organic market segments in the South Indian market.

The Organic World’s omnichannel strategy highlights its movement in the organic products market to ensure quality products available to many customers. It also gives small local retailers a bigger platform to compete in mass production via its e-commerce arm, increasing the market for SMEs and expanding the purchasing ambit of consumers.

The Organic World omnichannel expansion and growth spurt

Over the past four years, The Organic World has gradually increased its market regarding natural and organic products in Bengaluru. In early 2021, the retail chain consisted of 10 outlets in the city. The brand’s unique design and simplicity reflect its best propositions for consumers across the entire monthly need’s expenditure basket, which indicates its loyalty to being a dependable retailer.

As The Organic World ramps up its stores in Bangalore and other Southern states, the brand will significantly contribute to India’s organic commodities market value by 2022.

The Indian market for natural restaurants

The Indian organic products and food market was valued at $849.5 million in 2020. The market is forecasted to rise at an average annual rate of about 20.5% during 2021-26 and rise to $2.601 billion in valuation.

Rising levels of health consciousness are driving the demand for organic food in the country as consumers pay attention to the nutrient content and quality of their food. The COVID-19 pandemic has further increased consumer spending on health and wellbeing.

Businesses of all sizes operating in the food and wellness sectors can take advantage of these changing trends. They must work towards tech adoption and omnichannel strategies for their business expansion, just like The Organic World has.

Aakash Sharma
Aakash Sharma
Aakash writes on Startup Ecosystem, Policies, Legal and Regulatory aspects of business planning. An alumnus of Delhi University, he is assistant editor at Dutch Uncles.

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