Tech Startup MultiTv Providing Simplified Hassle-Free Video Solution for Enterprises

A Tech Startup is an organization whose main intent is to bring in new technologies and services into the market for hassle-free experiences for the enterprises. One of the rising pioneers in the tech startup sphere is the Gurgaon based new-age video tech company, MultiTv.

What is MultiTv and How Video Tech Space is Currently Working?

MultiTv is a one stop Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), offering an OTT video platform with an end-to-end video solution targeting B2B businesses, Enterprises, Media and Telecom sectors and also retailers and brands. In the post COVID world, technology has taken a staggering and quite irreversible position in the business world. As the market for video technology is vast, companies have realized that to scale all around the world and to stay on top in the market, they need to put resources into video tech. Consumers are more inclined towards the live and personalized experience videos now which is pushing these enterprises to adapt and innovate into the video tech space.


With the increase in demand of the viewers wanting a personalized video streaming experience, tech startups like MultiTv come in as a rescuer.

MultiTv: Provider to Enterprises and Broadcasters

The tech startup has created a variety of integrated video solutions addressing every need that serves both broadcasters and other enterprises by offering personalized video experiences. Some of their key products include:

Creator: An aggregated one stop OTT solution providing businesses to market their content smoothly and glitch-free over multiple channels with personalization viewing experiences.

Streamline: Video Transcoding and encoding solution, perhaps the most expensive productive methods of getting your video content transcoded into different bitrates and then provides easy streaming experience on multiple formats.

BeLive: A live streaming and broadcasting video platform for video conferences, webinars, huge events, etc. with a huge hosting capacity.

Pulse: A live TV ad tracking platform, first of its kind providing fingerprinting technology for tagging and identification of 100% accuracy of ads generated.

Personalization of Video Streaming and Viewing Experiences

The OTT concept took over the industry with a boom, it offers a seamless, personalized, streaming experience for each media consumer. Moving to the OTT realm and providing services directly to the consumers have given a direct access to the insights of the customer engagement. With the increase in demand of the viewers wanting a personalized video streaming experience, tech startups like MultiTv come in as a rescuer.

With the COVID-19 pandemic changing the mode of doing businesses, everything going digital, video callings, conferences, webinars, shows and concerts, the need for technical assistance becomes more prominent for the industries. MultiTV provides a solution that would uphold the OTT and live streaming area by giving a smooth and consistent stack to video innovation. The enterprises would deliver video encounters while MultiTV would deal with the total back end from encoding, transcoding, subscribers management, or create a business application; basically, providing a complete video ERP solution.

Vaishali Das
Vaishali Das
Vaishali writes on financial concepts, business-life-cycle, start-ups and entrepreneurship. An alumna of Delhi University she specialises in digital publishing and SEO.



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