Open Source Will Keep Driving The Growing Need For APIs

Open source for APIs has opened up the possibility of contributing back to an original codebase that expands the value of software to the entire community.

The growing importance of Application Programming Interface (API) in our daily lives is becoming more evident. The growth of APIs is skyrocketing as almost every company, including Uber, Facebook, is using an API to integrate businesses and offer a better product.The open-source software (OSS) movement has shifted how the world develops applications. The core idea is to give away the source code to your software or make it freely available so that anyone can study, fix and improve it. Open source for APIs has opened up the possibility of contributing back to an original codebase that expands the value of software to the entire community. Through this, developers are able to access the building blocks they need to deliver modern applications. An open source will continue to drive the growing need for APIs:

Open source for realising full API potential

APIs are here to stay. Almost all the top cloud providers like AWS, Microsoft Azure and Google have acted as massive centralising hubs of
technology that primarily consist of APIs. Open source is leading to much better and bigger integration. For APIs to develop their full potential, it is important to develop common and open API principles. 

Lowering barriers

OSS is all about lowering barriers and making it easier for developers to meet their goals. For instance, developers wants to send a million records over the wire for an API call, they are able to easily redesign their API using OSS that allow for batched access to API data without onerous controls. This also makes for a better API while still respecting the personal rights and privacy of end users.

Product longevity/cost cutting

Building upon an open source safeguards the longevity of an API management solution, since the tools are free from lock-in. This helps empower API owners with security and the ability to evolve the software long term. Avoiding subscription fees, it can also help make start-ups leaner, or help enterprises cut costs.

New business opportunity

APIs are so fundamental now that when they are designed by default to be discoverable, freely available, and open to consumption, entirely new business opportunities will emerge. Openness leads to more innovation, greater developer productivity, and more developer freedom. 

Data interoperability

APIs allow applications to connect to each other and free flow of data. Open source is driving APIs to allow easy access to data in any shape and form and reimplement the same as it seems fit. Take for example how open-source APIs have made data sets available for the COVID-19 fight. The use of established guidelines and open data formats is ensuring data interoperability amongst scientists and healthcare providers as they address the pandemic.


Open source is driving APIs to allow easy access to data in any shape and form and reimplement the same as it seems fit.

Industry groups are emerging to look at how data should flow between different entities. All of this increases the value for an open source to make APIs more consistent, while making the lives of those consuming the product much easier.

Naina Sood
Naina Sood
Naina was former staff at Dutch Uncles, she writes on business-life-cycle, funding, small businesses and start-ups.



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