India Brings World’s First Clean Air as A Service Plan Through Devic Earth

Devic Earth is benefitting millions of people with a mission of reducing air pollution at workplaces through an innovatively built device.

Devic Earth, a Bengaluru-based environment tech startup founded by Dr. Srikanth Sola, was established in 2018. The startup focuses on eradicating health and environmental problems caused by pollution. It aims to use innovative technological solutions to create a pollution-free workspace by offering user-friendly products for problems related to air pollution.

A Cardiologist-Turned-Entrepreneur: Dr. Srikanth Sola

Dr. Srikanth Sola, during his working days as a cardiologist, came across the reality of air pollution and how dangerous it is in today’s world. He witnessed that among his patients, a relatively young generation were suffering from heart issues. After getting deeper into the problem, he figured out that it is mostly because of the high air pollution that is causing high infection rate.

The realisation made Dr. Sola come up with a device that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) driven pulsed radio wave technology to lower air pollution at the workplace. The biomedical engineering background helped Dr. Sola along with his researchers to develop Devic Earth’s product ‘pure skies’. By using the same principle of a working ultrasound machine, he applied the same formula to detect the pollutant materials.

Devic Earth’s Product and New Plan

Devic Earth recently launched the world’s first ever “Clean Air As a Service” that helps in improving the ambient air quality in India. This service offers the customers the benefit of improving their ambient air quality, without using any complicated equipment.

The growing health and pharmaceutical industry is slowly taking over the B2B air filter system market. Devic earth’s product, ‘Pure Skies’ serves as an air purifier which uses wi-fi enabled technology to eliminate the pollutant particles and harmful gaseous particle matter in workspaces, homes and cities.


Devic Earth, aims to use innovative technological solutions to create a pollution-free workspace by offering user-friendly products for problems related to air pollution.

How Clean Air As a Service is a Technological Revolution?

With Devic Earth’s product being installed in companies operating in steel, cement, hotels, mining and manufacturing, it has led to higher productivity at workplaces. Providing a toxin free environment has increased the health factor of the employees.

The startup has pioneered air purifying revolution by inducing green technology. With three different versions of the product for homes, hotels and offices, and large spaces such as industrial spaces, it holds the power of clearing air within a 10 km radius.

Clean Air As a Service is a technological revolution in a way as it improves air quality by 33%. Reducing pollutants that damage human health, the startup has created a wi-fi based network covering large areas with enhanced efficiency.

Growth Record Of Devic Earth

With a positive growth rate since its inception, Devic Earth has been installed in over 40 locations across India. In 2021, the startup raised a pre-series A round of funding of Rs 100 million from Blue Ashva Capital.

The startup is planning to expand its base into the international market of the Middle East, Southeast Asia and the US. It is also looking forward to treating water pollution issues using the same technology.


Bridging the gap between the human world and the environment, Devic Earth is offering its customers the world’s most advanced technology at a very affordable price. It is impacting the B2B market and is creating a healthy, pollution free workspace.

Vaishali Das
Vaishali Das
Vaishali writes on financial concepts, business-life-cycle, start-ups and entrepreneurship. An alumna of Delhi University she specialises in digital publishing and SEO.



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