India a Strategic Market for Talent Management Start-up, Sense

Sense, an HR tech start-up is tapping into India’s thriving technology talent pool and even has ambitious expansion plans.

Sense is an HR Tech and Talent Management start-up based in San Francisco, California which has raised $18 M in a Series C funding round. An AI based talent-management company, Anil Dharni is the Indian CEO and co-founder of Sense.

Why Sense is expanding in India

The company is increasingly focused on the Indian market and has received funding from India’s B2B VC fund ‘Avataar Ventures’. Sense believes that the key to expanding their global presence is to strengthen their hold on the Indian market. As part of this vision, the company has onboarded Sanjay Dharmani as Sense India’s Managing Director and Nishant Rao, founder of Avataar Venture Partners. Sense will make India its regional headquarters as part of its Asian expansion. They are hoping that India’s tech talent pool will add to their engineering team. They also want to have a dedicated marketing and customer service team here in India.

The start-up’s ambitious expansion plans

Sense is harboring broad expansion plans in Asia. In terms of global expansion, Sense plans on tapping into India’s ‘rich talent market’ to help with growing their product. Backed by its latest funding round, Sense is all set to expand its technology centre, data sciences, and product teams. The company is keen on doubling its headcount of 57 staff members at its Bengaluru office in the coming 6 months.


India is being visualised as a highly strategic market for Sense because the tech talent in India is thriving here and possesses in-depth know-how in the field of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service).

Why India is a strategic market

India is being visualised as a highly strategic market for Sense because the tech talent in India is thriving here and possesses in-depth know-how in the field of SaaS (Software-as-a-Service). Sense believes that the whole of Asia holds a market potential of $100 B and India is best fit to serve as the regional headquarters for this market.

What’s in it for me?

Freelancing and the Gig Economies are becoming increasingly popular among the modern workforces. Talent Management start-ups have a good opportunity to capitalise on the transforming work trends. HR Tech is a big part of enterprise tech holding a big chunk of the market share and start-ups will do well to venture into it. Large enterprises and recruitment firms need productive, profitable candidate engagement amidst disrupted job markets.

Recruitment technologies and HR Tech solutions bring in big money in the form of recurring revenue streams. Although the market has significant competition already, with constant innovation, it’s possible to stand out from the crowd and acquire large clients.

The labour market is rebounding even as the second wave ebbs. Remote connectivity is giving new life to the labour market. Talent acquisition technology is thus seeing strong demand within the enterprise tech industry and investors are getting attracted to HR tech start-ups.

Anju Nambiar
Anju Nambiar
Anju has 5 years of experience covering business. She writes on startups, business life cycle and startup ecosystem. Her stints include Amazon and Adjetter Media Network.



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