How Remedo Healthcare Connected Doctors and Their Patients?

Remedo is a telemedicine startup that has transformed communication between doctors and patients.

Remedo is a telemedicine startup that has a physical + digital model for addressing the needs of doctors by using Practice Management, Patient Communication and Patient Engagement. The digital part of their model helps patients to connect with their doctors easily and take consultations. It also helps doctors to manage a patient’s chronic condition by creating a care journey towards managing it. The physical part of the model is created to provide access to lab tests and medication at the doctor’s clinic. Smile Group, Inflection Point Ventures, AngelList India, and RiverRock Ventures have invested in this startup.

With the help of Remedo, the doctors can communicate with their patients easily and earn more revenue too. The patients receive a digital consultation, e-prescription and personalized healthcare plan from their trusted doctor, without having to go anywhere. Being a B2B startup, Remedo does not aim at acquiring both doctors and patients by being a matchmaker between them. They instead simply want to act as an intermediary between doctors and their existing patients.

How did Remedo start?

Remedo was founded back in 2017 by Dr Ruchir Mehra, Harsh Bansal and Richeek Arya to enhance patient care. This led to the creation of an engagement platform for doctors to connect better with their patients. They understood that doctors find it difficult to keep a track of their patients and communicate with them through different channels. The company now has more than 2000 doctors accessing its platform.

Telemedicine Industry grew during the coronavirus outbreak

The telemedicine industry has always been a significant part of the healthcare system. Its significance grew further during the coronavirus outbreak. A significant surge in teleconsultations and e-prescriptions was observed. As social distancing was non-negotiable, the need for the telemedicine industry grew so much so that the ministry of health and family welfare (MoHFW), along with NITI Aayog and Board of Governors (BoG) Medical Council of India (MCI) issued guidelines for them.

As for Remedo, the startup was at the forefront being the intermediary between doctors and patients. The number of patients grew on the platform and as a result, more doctors joined. The doctors who were hesitant before about joining a digital platform found faith in the industry after the guidelines were issued and met. For patients, it felt safe to interact digitally about their health concerns with their doctors as going out was dreadful during the pandemic.

What can others learn from Remedo?

Remedo is not only digital or only physical. It is a unique blend of both which fits perfectly in the world we live in today. The B2B startup is quite clear that it is for doctors, by doctors. The integrated platform caters perfectly to the needs of their target audience, the doctors. For startups, Remedo exemplifies how a debate on offline and online approaches is a waste. In the new normal, the solution lies only in making the best of both worlds.

Tanisha Achrekar
Tanisha Achrekar
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