E-Commerce Employment Trends 2021

Customer service, marketing, and analytics are in-demand skill sets in the e-commerce job market for 2021.

What’s trending in the E-commerce job market?

There has never been a better time for the e-commerce industry. Online orders are in full swing and e-commerce stores are scrambling to fulfill orders that are pouring in the tens of thousands. In 2021, the job market is seeing similar trends as last year with the demand for technically savvy digital marketing and customer service professionals. There are some very interesting job roles that demand qualified, skilled candidates who can handle immense volume of orders and can contribute to the curation of diverse product catalogues while ensuring high customer loyalty. 

In-demand e-commerce professionals in 2021

Consumer Retention

Earning loyalty of consumers is everything if you want to get repeat orders from customers who are regular at your e-commerce store. Consumer retention is a job market trend in e-commerce where recruiters are looking for consumer retention professionals who can maintain a consumer base, build loyalty, and make sure they shop back through targeted strategies. 

Consumer Satisfaction Management

Consumer satisfaction management entails running a successful e-commerce contact centre where customer service representatives interact with customers on various channels and resolve issues so fast that the speed of order fulfilment can be doubled up. 


E-commerce firms are potentially looking for candidates who can analyse large volumes of customer behavioural data and glean insights from them.


There is great demand for Analytics as a skill in the e-commerce job market. E-commerce firms are potentially looking for candidates who can analyse large volumes of customer behavioural data and glean insights from them. Data management and pattern recognition skill sets come under Analytics which are most sought-after in the ecommerce sector. The demand for analytics professionals in e-commerce stands at 14.4% and has increased considerably. This is because early-stage e-commerce start-ups are adopting analytics from the very onset. 

Customer service

Customer service will forever be the biggest important job market demand in e-commerce. Online shops need to create a humane experience for consumers and customer service is the frontline of this mission. Customer service jobs require responding to multiple customer queries, resolving their issues, and ensuring they go through a stellar experience while shopping on your site.

UI/UX Design

UI/UX Design is a hot job market trend in e-commerce. The need for professionals who can create a seamless platform for shoppers that can give them the product with exact specifications with less effort requires great website design. In order for the site to be tailored to the browsing histories of specific consumers, UI/UX designing is crucial since it facilitates high quality consumer experience.

Digital Marketing

The next most critical job market trend in ecommerce is the demand for digital marketing professionals well versed in consumer demands, digital promotions, and product marketing.

Warehouse and Logistics

Without proper logistics, the purpose of running an online store is lost. Since order fulfilment is the biggest part of successful e-commerce. Warehouse and Inventory Management is a permanent trend in the e-commerce job market since the need for qualified personnel who can successfully fulfill large volumes of orders is very high. 

How do other sectors benefit? 

eCommerce has skyrocketed in growth, craving the way for brighter employment opportunities across all sectors it encompasses. eCommerce being an ever-expanding market, job creation will be an ongoing process implying several sectors, industries and businesses can benefit from this booming market place. The ecommerce employment landscape has evolved radically, and there is more to what meets the eye. Both the operational as well as the software and app facet provides opportunities for various sectors and channels such as technology, content, creative, design, audio-video production, customer service, training, logistics and transport, packaging, printing etc.

Anju Nambiar
Anju Nambiar
Anju has 5 years of experience covering business. She writes on startups, business life cycle and startup ecosystem. Her stints include Amazon and Adjetter Media Network.



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