Doceree Addressing Physician Marketing

An integrated programmatic advertising exchange for data-driven marketing, Doceree works exclusively for physicians.

The healthcare sector has been booming, especially post-pandemic with people realising the importance of healthcare facilities and services. However, most of the time, new physicians and doctors in the market find it difficult to reach out to a larger client base or attract more patients as people trust professionals through word-of-mouth or family connections. Doctors and physicians need marketing to upscale their business too. This could be through advertising networks, media platforms, private marketing campaigns, etc. Doceree is such a platform that provides physicians with proper marketing schemes to expand their reach and business. 

What is Doceree?

An integrated programmatic advertising exchange for data-driven marketing, Doceree works exclusively for physicians. It is the first platform that provides a global physician networking opportunity. They started in Okhla, Delhi and have now expanded to the United States. Doceree has taken physician advertising to another level and made it possible through programmatic advertising. It allows physicians to drive revenue on their websites by inducing them into their global Physician-only network platform for programmatic advertising. The main idea behind Doceree was the lack of a specialized Ad platform for Physician advertising which would enable them to earn consistent revenues from premium healthcare brands. They can easily earn additional revenue through this platform via clicks, impressions and views from engaged healthcare professionals on websites or mobile apps.

Through the ENDEMIC vertical, they aim to build and expand their Physician Networking Platform. They also promote online medical journals for marketing as well as Online Learning Portals. Through the POINT OF CARE vertical, they focus on Electronic Health

Record, Tele-medicine Platform, ePrescribing and Secure Messaging. Since the pandemic, these have become extremely popular and necessary to ensure safety and avoid physical contact. 

How is Doceree addressing Physician Marketing?

Doceree uses a unique algorithm with a custom JavaScript that identifies Healthcare Professionals (HCPs) on any web or app platform with more than 95% accuracy. This is powered by a proprietary intelligent Physician verification engine called ESPYIANTM which uses AI, data segmentation & analytics to identify the target HCP on physician networking sites, medical journals, telemedicine platforms or social networking sites. It refrains from repeating HCP profiles, reduces doubling of effort, and targets precisely. One can target HCPs by uploading a Physician list. Using Doceree’s audience creation tool one can build a custom audience list based on speciality, geography, prescribing behaviour, formulary access and their archetypes. 

How Does Physician Marketing Benefit You as an Advertiser?

  • Monetize Global Inventory

Doceree has a global networking platform that can help you monetize physician visits from other markets where you cannot otherwise reach out via sales. 

  • Programmatic Marketing

It is a simple technological code that can help you boost sales and reach and expand your business. It will also help you enter into real-time bidding (RTB) and private marketplace (PMP) deals with Pharmaceutical clients that help earn more revenue. 

  • Best Identification Rates

Most drug brands and pharmaceutical companies pay huge amounts to high-value physicians to promote their products. Doceree helps precisely in targeting such physicians. 

  • Integrate all channels

Doceree integrates all platforms and channels in one place including Email, Text, Website, App to monetize all types of inventories. It is a self-service platform to add multiple websites and Ad Slots on the same interface.

  • Safety and security 

Doceree ensures data security and a privacy safe environment where no personal details of physicians are shared or exploited. They have set guidelines for misuse and complaints. 

  • Access to an extensive network of advertisers 

You can increase your revenue by connecting with the largest network of pharmaceutical advertisers and media agencies who bid for your ad space.

  • Dashboard for publishers

Doceree provides a real-time performance and earnings dashboard to check your Ad slots performance, user behaviour and revenues.

Smruthi Krishnan
Smruthi Krishnan
Smruthi interviews and writes on inspiring entrepreneurs and the success stories of start-ups. She is currently pursuing Economics major from Delhi University.

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