All You Need To Know About Tech Supergirl Program

Tech Supergirl, empowering, incubating, and raising women in technology and helping India's economy

What is This Programme?

The largest Tech Design Conference, Tech Supergirl, is empowering, incubating and raising women in the technological space in India. It is a digital virtual assistant for startups and corporations. Along with technical skill building and startup incubation, the programme also serves as a corporate partner to provide assistance in sales, marketing and digital automation.

Being led by over 100 women-led startups, more than 60 women entrepreneurs as nominees, judged by 7 jury members and panellists, with 3 event partners and over 250 event attendees, the event was a major hit for aspiring women entrepreneurs, technology stakeholders and women in business.

Who Has Launched It?

Tech Supergirl Program, the first and largest tech incubation programme, is launched by Indian Women Institution League (IWIL) India in collaboration with SSC NASSCOM, National Skill Development Corporation and Shell E4.

IWIL is a non-profit organisation aiming to incubate and accelerate women entrepreneurs, and strengthen the women-led business ecosystem to create a future inclusive of socially and economically independent women.


With a direct mission of supporting the government's vision of Atmairbhar Bharat, the programme aims to foster women entrepreneurship ecosystem in India.

Who Will It Benefit?

Tech Supergirl aims to impact 3 million women in the business field, technology and academia. With the Tech Supergirl Incubation Program, Tech Supergirl IWIL India is offering more than 25,000 women in the technology sector to develop technical skills and digital literacy for smooth business operations.

The platform will cater to the women entrepreneurs and MSMEs in the direction of networking, scaling and startup incubation. It will also assist corporates in their day-to-day synergies and operations.

Direct and Indirect Beneficiaries

With a direct mission of supporting the government’s vision of Atmairbhar Bharat, the programme aims to foster women entrepreneurship ecosystem in India. The programme is intending to impact more than 2.5 women by 2030. It will directly benefit the women in the technological space in India by supporting them to become more self-reliant and capable enough to secure their livelihood.

Talking about the indirect beneficiaries of this programme, it will be boosting India’s GDP by increasing woman’s participation in India’s economy from mere 18% to 50%. With women being more resilient and multi-tasking, Tech Supergirl aims to create 25,000 plus jobs in artificial intelligence, data analysis, LoT, Blockchain, Data science, augmentation, etc. in the tech sector in India.

Suggested Plan of Action

People interested in the Tech Supergirl Incubation Program should register on their official website and submit their entrepreneurial story. The stories will be evaluated and selected on the basis of financial growth, human capital, innovation, international orientation and corporate excellence.

The selected 30 women entrepreneurs will be featured in their portal. Further these 30 entrepreneurs will be provided with funding, networking opportunities and will also be able to access some international grants.

Vaishali Das
Vaishali Das
Vaishali writes on financial concepts, business-life-cycle, start-ups and entrepreneurship. An alumna of Delhi University she specialises in digital publishing and SEO.



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