KareXpert, Bringing Healthcare Modules Together

Nidhi Jain has a praiseworthy womanpreneurship story that entails adding real value to a sector in need.

Healthcare demands a caring persona and a deep understanding of problem solving. Businesses in this space must fulfill the needs of both patients and workers. Health tech is the new face of the healthcare industry which has seen enough disruption to last a lifetime. Nidhi Jain is a strong health tech leader with a praiseworthy womanpreneur story. 

Nidhi Jain, the woman behind KareXpert

Nidhi Jain is a womanpreneur who is leading India’s first-ever SaaS based integrated digital healthcare platform. She is also the brain behind India’s first company to offer a most exhaustive portfolio for hospitals. She has managed to differentiate her company in the industry which is now a unique competitor in the market. 

Health tech, a sector with huge potential

Nidhi’s vision for her start-up was to make healthcare accessible and affordable to Indian society and to digitally empower hospitals. She saw that the Indian healthcare IT is in its infancy stage, operating as a manual process with too many inefficiencies. However, it was predicted to touch 5% of $200 B with 30%+ CAGR (compound annual growth rate) within three years. Thus, she found a huge potential to tap into health tech. 

On the entrepreneurial front, Nidhi was inspired by entrepreneurs, and she connected the dots to her roots in healthcare. Since she comes from a family of healthcare professionals, she quickly identified the gap in the market for B2B and digital solutions. This motivated her to eventually launch her start-up. 

What KareXpert does 

KareXpert digitally connects different kinds of hospitals. It offers end-to-end digital empowerment to hospitals and healthcare providers through its comprehensive range of AI-enabled, cloud-based and mobile-ready solutions designed for coordinated patient care, optimising operational costs and increasing revenue. They have an advanced, secured and certified webscale software technology stack and their integrated solution has over 50 applications including Advanced HIMS (Hospital Information Management System), e-Claims, MIS (management information system) Reports, etc. 

How Nidhi drove the Business Model of KareXpert

When Nidhi started out her entrepreneurial journey, the concept of digital healthcare was a novelty with a lot of scepticism around its efficacy. There were hardly any players in the market and Nidhi entered the industry as a disruptor. She started out with providing doctor consultation solutions in health tech. Her previous product management experience enabled her to expertly pivot the business model towards the B2B market. Through KareXpert, Nidhi worked to fix the broken experience of patients in healthcare with respect to availing digital services. 


Nidhi Jain is a womanpreneur who is leading India’s first-ever SaaS based integrated digital healthcare platform. She is also the brain behind India’s first company to offer a most exhaustive portfolio for hospitals.

What’s in it for me?

Nidhi Jain entered business at a time when technology had not fully penetrated the healthcare segment, or most other segments for that matter. The preconceived notion surrounding doctors and hospitals has always been very traditional and formal. As a part of the healthcare providers community, she was already aware of the challenges they faced due to lack of technology tools. Also, her passion for business established her as a real leader in womanpreneurship. 

Nidhi knew that solving real problems like clinical and billing issues was the only way forward for her start-up. She was proven right during the Covid-19 outbreak when massive demand emerged. Before the pandemic, the start-up was approaching potential clients. But post covid, the scenario turned the other way round and they were bombarded with business requests from hospitals and clinics. Through KareXpert, Nidhi is creating real value not just for the healthcare industry but for patients as well. 

Anju Nambiar
Anju Nambiar
Anju has 5 years of experience covering business. She writes on startups, business life cycle and startup ecosystem. Her stints include Amazon and Adjetter Media Network.



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