Ankita Ghaba Leading Thought and Influencing the Influencers

A woman entrepreneur influencing millions, Ankita Ghaba, Founder at Social Samosa.

A woman boss in the tech space has raised eyebrows for many generations but with bosses like Ankita Ghaba leading thought and influencing influencers, the eyebrows now rise with surprise and respect. A women entrepreneur who magnificently transformed the social media industry in India, Ghaba has become an inspiration for thousands of aspiring women entrepreneurs and influencers. 

About Ankita Ghaba

Ghaba finished her graduation from Wilson College, Mumbai in Business Management after which she completed her MBA from the Welingkar Institute of Management in 2010. Ghaba endeavoured to build digital brainchildren to create disruption. She realised a 9-5 job was not her cup of tea. She always had an inkling for entrepreneurship which led to her very first venture in 2007, Superchuha, one of India’s first social media agencies that became a one-stop-shop for celebrity reputation management and fan engagement. She became a part of the PR (Public Relations) industry, managing public relations for celebrities and films. She also initiated the Mumbai chapter of the Social Media Club, an international NGO working to connect social media experts from around the world.  

The Story behind Social Samosa 

Around this time, she came up with the idea of Social Samosa, a social media knowledge repository for the Indian context.   In 2011, she set up, which presented a multitude of ideas, opinions and dialogues about the social media landscape in India. This portal was available to private investors for 2-3 crores in May 2015. 

Ghaba realised the growth potential in the social media industry in India. 

However, she observed that not many people had easy access to build careers and brands did not have the knowledge or skills to optimize social media platforms. People did not know where or how to start. To bridge this gap, Ankita along with her co-founder Aditya Gupta, came up with Social Samosa. 

The idea was to evolve local communities in societies, buildings, schools and offices to an online platform and expand circles. As millions of people started adopting social media, it became a necessity for brands to enter the media space and expand their reach and client base. Influencers taking up brand promotions is one of the best ways for brands to reach out to their target audience be it generic or niche products. Social Samosa helps both the brands and influencers to create their mark on the social media paradigm and market themselves and their products.

What can you learn from Ankita Ghaba?

Ghaba is a smart entrepreneur who observed and absorbed the paradigm change and optimized it via her venture. She saw the gap in the social media landscape and came up with a unique solution to bridge the gap such that it benefits both consumers and brands. Look around you, observe and absorb the problems faced by people and brainstorm unique solutions that will disrupt the market. 

You will face challenges, some challenges will be specific for women entrepreneurs while others will be generic to the entrepreneurial realm. Be patient, work smart and hard and network as much as you can. Throughout her job before her venture, she networked and it paid off when she launched Social Samosa. Though it may seem there are very few women in the tech landscape, do not let that stop you. 

There are several women entrepreneurs like Suchi Mukherjee, Richa Kar who started from scratch and made it big. Break the gender stereotypes and trust yourself. As long as you add value for consumers and companies, let nothing and no one stop you. Channelise the entrepreneurial spirit within you, embrace the boss woman that you are and transform your dreams into a vision. 

Smruthi Krishnan
Smruthi Krishnan
Smruthi interviews and writes on inspiring entrepreneurs and the success stories of start-ups. She is currently pursuing Economics major from Delhi University.

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