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New Practices

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Don’t be stuck with your past as it is a negative mindset to live in your past and miss out on new opportunities in life. In order to achieve success one must try new ways. This is the gist of this product.



There’s no space for old practices and ways in order to bring change in one’s  business venture. Change only comes when there are new things lined up or innovative ideas and practices are set. In the business world, innovation is marked as the key element for establishing a successful business. An entrepreneur has to stop practicing old ways and expect new things to be born out of it. 

This poster is to remind those entrepreneurs and small business owners that in order to churn out new things, new ways and practices are to be applied. Old ways can only bring old mistakes and can hold one’s growth status down.

Hang this poster somewhere in your office space or workspace to  remind people about the right ways of bringing change into the company. It can also be used for framing purposes and can be given away as a pamphlet as a welcoming gift to the interns. 

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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