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Creativity Vs Innovation

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Creativity is not the only path for business growth, it takes implementation of innovative ideas too for making a name in the business world. This poster gives out that value and marks the difference between creativity and innovation.



In today’s business world, people tend to get confused between creativity and innovation. There’s a difference between getting ideas and implementing them in real life for the betterment of the society or company’s growth. This is the idea with which this poster is crafted.

With this poster be that leader who welcomes innovative minds more as everyone is born creative, but innovation is a skill set that is to be cultivated. Having more innovative people in an organisation will help in the company’s ultimate goal. This poster can also be used to motivate employees or colleagues who believe in innovation, believe in doing new things rather than just putting up new ideas on the table. 

This poster is a perfect decorative piece for your office space as it’ll keep reminding you the basic difference between creativity and innovation and will help you choose wisely. It can be used for framing purposes for gifting your employees or partners or just simply for your working space Table. 

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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