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Innovation Out of Necessity

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No one can predict the source of innovation, it can come out of anywhere and that’s the beauty of having an innovative mind. This product is crafted with the idea of that innovative spark that is born out of necessity and what’s available at the moment.



Are you someone who’s looking for an innovative mind? Do you want something different for your business plans? Then this poster is definitely for you people as it  will remind you of the  basic definition of innovation. Innovation is something that need not to be totally out of the box discovery. Sometimes transforming the existing things for better usage is also the output of innovation.

This poster is crafted with the words of Tom Freston, who describes the basic idea behind Innovation. This poster can lighten up your mood and will push your brain to work with the available things and bring the best out of those existing things. It’ll keep the employee as well as the employer motivated to work with what is available on the table and be innovative about it.

This poster can be used for framing purposes as well as wall hanging for your personal  space to your working space. Have it as a wall poster in your conference room or in the cafeteria so that people can remind themselves that they need not to think out of the box completely to be innovative. 

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Canvas (24" x 36"), Poster (18" x 24")


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